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St Cuthbert's - Catholic High School

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Offering an alternative vision of education since 1881

Uniform and Equipment

Uniform and Equipment

Uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school and setting an appropriate tone. We have worked very hard over the academic year to ensure that our uniform is worn correctly so that it instils pride, supports positive behaviour, and encourages identity with, and support for, our school ethos. Our uniform helps to ensure pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome. It helps to protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurtures cohesion, promoting good relations between different groups of pupils. Above all, we believe that school uniform supports effective teaching and learning.

All boys attending St Cuthbert’s are expected to wear the school uniform correctly and at all times in the school.

At St Cuthbert’s, we firmly believe that uniform should be:

  • uniform and not open to various interpretations
  • distinctive and smart
  • easily and readily available
  • reasonably priced.

Our School Uniform

School Uniform (Main School)

Boys Years 7-11

  • Maroon blazer*
  • School tie **
  • White shirt buttoned at the neck and tucked in.
  • Charcoal (not black) school style trousers (no chinos, jean-type or skinny fit trousers) Trousers MUST NOT be ‘skinny fit’
  • School tie worn correctly from the neck to the waist
  • Shoes are to be black leather, plain, formal and polished. Laces and stitching are to be black. Boots, black trainers, suede, canvas or casual shoes are not permitted. No trainers or plimsolls.
  • Socks are to be plain grey or black. (white socks are not acceptable) 
  • Outdoor black coat, St Cuthbert's rain jacket or similar
  • Large School bag

*  All items marked * can be purchased from The School Outfit 

** All items marked ** can be purchased from the Finance Office in School.

Uniform Worn Correctly 

Pupils who fail to wear uniform correctly will be dealt with according to the School’s Behaviour Policy. The statutory guidance on uniform from the Department for Education states:

“Teachers can discipline pupils for breaching the school’s rules on appearance or uniform. This should be carried out in accordance with the school’s published behaviour policy. 

 A head teacher, or a person authorised by the head teacher, may ask a pupil to go home briefly to remedy a breach of the school’s rules on appearance or uniform. When making this decision schools need to consider the child’s age and vulnerability, the ease and time it will take, and the availability of the child’s parents. This is not an exclusion but an authorised absence. However, if the pupil continues to breach uniform rules in such a way as to be sent home to avoid school, or takes longer than is strictly necessary to effect the change, the pupil’s absence may be counted as an unauthorised absence. In either case the pupil’s parents must be notified and the absence should be recorded. If a school is considering excluding a pupil in response to breaches of uniform policy then this must be in line with the legal requirements for exclusion.” 

 DfE School Uniform Guidance for Schools

PE Kit

  • School Rugby Shirt*
  • School shorts*
  • School sports socks*
  • Football boots
  • School polo T-shirt*
  • School shorts*
  • School sports socks*
  • Trainers

Optional items include a Quarter Zip Training top

All items marked * can be purchased from The School Outfit


Preparedness and organisation enable pupils to take a full and effective part in each lesson and school activity. It is expected that all pupils have the basic required equipment for school. This equipment will be checked on a daily basis during Form Time, to ensure that pupils are fully equipped and prepared for the day’s lessons. Pupils can expect to be challenged and, where appropriate, sanctioned, for failing to bring the correct equipment to school without a reasonable excuse. 

This includes:

  • a Pencil Case (preferably transparent especially in Years 10 and 11),
  • blue/black pen, a spare pen
  • green pen
  • two pencils 
  • pencil sharpener 
  • 30 cm ruler
  • eraser 
  • protractor
  • a set of coloured pencils 
  • a calculator
  • Set square
  • White apron for Design Technology.
  • Pocket French dictionary (optional)
  • Pocket English dictionary (optional) 
  • Pocket Spanish dictionary (optional)

Great care should be taken with all exercise and textbooks. Pupils are personally responsible for books and equipment provided. Loss or wilful damage to school property, including the school planner, could result in payment requests for replacement.   

Equipment provided by the school

  • Art materials for all Art lessons
  • Safety goggles for all Science lab work and Design Technology work
  • All textbooks and exercise books
  • All pupils will be provided with a bible when they start school.

Electronic equipment

Mobile phones and MP3 players are not required in school. If brought into school they should be switched off. The school does not accept legal responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage to property whilst on school premises. Any other specialist equipment, as required.

Uniform and Appearance Rules

The school expects high standards of uniform and appearance. Boys are expected to wear the school uniform properly. This includes the journey to and from school or school events, while in school or on school trips, fixtures or activities. 

  1. Blazers are to be worn travelling to and from school, at assembly, in church, and when moving from class to class. The school badge is to be worn on the blazer. 
  2. Shirts are to be plain white and worn tucked in and buttoned at the neck. Shirts may be long or short sleeve. Any t-shirt worn under the shirt must not be visible through the shirt.
  3. Ties are to be done up and worn from the neck to the waist.
  4. Socks are to be plain grey or black (white socks are not acceptable).
  5. Trousers are to be formal charcoal (not black) school trousers. Belts are to be plain black leather with a simple formal buckle. Trousers must not be ‘skinny fit’. 
  6. Shoes are to be black leather, plain, formal and polished. Laces and stitching are to be black. Boots, black trainers, suede, canvas or casual shoes are not permitted. Boys are not permitted to wear trainers in the playground at break times. Casual shoes [e.g. Converse, Fred Perry, Lonsdale, Vans, etc.] and trainers [e.g. Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, etc.] are not allowed.
  7. If an outdoor coat is worn, it should be the St Cuthbert’s rain jacket or similar. Outdoor coats are to be worn over the boy’s blazer and not instead of the blazer.
  8. School bags are to be large and rigid enough to carry schoolbooks without damaging them (small draw-string bags are not acceptable). Boys should have a separate bag for PE and Games kit.
  9. Jewellery other than a wristwatch is not to be worn. Smart Watches are not permitted. 
  10. Hair should be clean, tidy and in a style, which is in keeping with the formality of school life. Shaved heads, long hair below the collar or in the eyes, dyed hair, tramlines, stepped and ridged haircuts, patterns, shaved sides and shaved eyebrows are not acceptable. In keeping with the formality of school life boys should be cleanshaven. 
  11. Games and PE kit is to be worn as indicated in the uniform list and instructed by PE staff.  During football, hockey, and rugby lessons it is strongly advised that safety equipment is worn (shin-pads, gum-shields, etc.) PE Teachers will advise when pupils can wear tracksuit bottoms depending on weather conditions. If a pupil is unable to participate physically in a PE lesson a note from a parent or carer must be handed to the PE teacher. If a pupil attends a lesson with no PE kit and without a note the kit will be provided by the PE department. The pupil will still be required to wear full PE kit and participate in another capacity (coach, official, etc)
  12. On hot days, shirt-sleeve order may be given by the Deputy Head. Boys may take off blazer and tie and should, if possible, wear a short-sleeved shirt. Shirt-sleeve order may be worn to and from school. It is not permitted to wear parts of the uniform – the rule is either blazer and tie or shirt-sleeve order.
  13. All school clothing is to be clearly marked with the owner's name.
  14.  The Deputy Head is the final adjudicator of acceptable uniform or appearance.  

Boys have the right to adhere to the tenets of their religion including regarding their appearance. Parents should discuss any concerns with their son’s Head of House in the first instance.

Working With Parents/Carers

We are committed to working with and supporting parents/carers in the provision of good quality uniform, worn correctly, that reflects our high standards and commitment to excellence. However, we recognise that it can be an expensive outlay and may be especially difficult this year. The school has a partnership with the School Outfit. All items of uniform can be purchased from the School Outfit but parents/carers are free to source the uniform from other suppliers where it is an exact match.  

Parents/carers who experience difficulty in providing the school uniform are asked to contact the school in confidence to discuss the problem. Please speak to your son’s Head of House in the first instance.

Other suppliers: John Lewis, Asda, and M&S currently (December 2023) stock Charcoal  trousers which match the approved style and colour for boys in Years 7-11. Please note that trousers from other suppliers may vary in both colour and style.

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