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A high standard of personal appearance is expected and any student arriving at school in non-uniform clothing/footwear may expect to be sent home to get changed.


Colour and style must be appropriate for school. Shaven heads, partially or whole, including tram lines and hair shorter than grade 2 are not allowed. Long hair must be tied back. Facial hair is not permitted.


  • Outdoor black coat or St Cuthbert's rain jacket
  • Black leather school shoes
  • Burgundy blazer with House badge *
  • White shirt tucked in *
  • School tie  **
  • Large School bag
  • Dark grey school trousers *

All items marked * can be purchased from The School Outfit All items marked ** can be purchased from the Finance Office in School.

PE Kit


  • School Rugby Shirt*
  • School white shorts*
  • School socks*
  • Football boots


  • School polo T-shirt*
  • School white shorts*
  • School socks*
  • Trainers

PE Policy

During football, hockey and rugby lessons it is strongly advised that safety equipment is worn (shin-pads, gum-shields, etc.) PE Teachers will advise when pupils can wear tracksuit bottoms depending on weather conditions If a student is unable to participate physically in a PE lesson a note from a parent or carer must be handed to the PE teacher. If a student attends a lesson with no PE kit and without a note the kit will be provided by the PE department. The student will still be required to wear full PE kit and participate in another capacity (coach, official, etc)


Students learn best when they are fully equipped and prepared for each lesson. Students should make sure they have the following equipment for school each day:

  • Pens – black
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Calculator - available to buy from school
  • Coloured pencils
  • Compasses
  • Protractor
  • Set square
  • White apron for Design Technology.
  • Pocket French dictionary (optional)
  • Pocket English dictionary (optional)

All students will be provided with a bible when they start school.

Electronic equipment

Mobile phones and MP3 players are not required in school. If brought into school they should be switched off. The school does not accept legal responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to property whilst on school premises.

Equipment provided by the school

  • Apron for Food lessons
  • Art materials for all Art lessons
  • Safety goggles for all Science lab work and Design Technology work
  • All text books and exercise books

Any other specialist equipment, as required.

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