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Financial Support for Sixth Form

We provide a bursary to help students with the cost of Sixth Form study. The bursary is means-tested and is administered by the City Council.

Application forms for the bursary are available on the City Council's website.

Financial Support for Sixth Form activity

We strongly believe that all students should have access to the full range of educational opportunities. If you feel that financial hardship might prevent participation in, for example, a field trip, please contact the Assistant Head of Sixth Form as it may be possible to provide financial assistance from within school.

Financial Support for travel costs

Help is available for transport costs via a special travel card. This is available from NEXUS.

Financial support for meals

Free school meals will save families well over £350 a year per child. If you think you might qualify please apply on-line via the link below. If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible it is our strong advice that you apply.

Click for Free School Meals (Value – over £350)