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Jan 22

Year 11 Exams

Monday 22nd January - Friday 26th January

Feb 7

Parent Workshop

Feb 9

Start of Spring Half Term

Feb 16

Y13 Biology Visit to Centre for Life

Feb 19

End of Spring Half Term

Feb 19

Year 13 Exams

Monday 19th February - Friday 23rd February 

Feb 22

Y8 Parents' Meeting

Mar 1

Y10 Parents' Meeting

Mar 22

Y9 Parents' Meeting

Mar 27

GCSE/A Level Music Performance Evening

Mar 29

End of Spring Term

Mar 30

Start of Easter Break

Apr 13

End of Easter Break

Apr 16

Start of Summer Term

May 2

Parent Workshop

May 24

Year 13 Leavers Event

May 25

Start of Summer Half Term

Jun 4

End of Summer Half Term

Jun 4

Year 7 and 10 Exams

Monday 4th June - Friday 8th June

Jun 11

Year 8 Exams

Monday 11th June - Friday 15th June

Jun 18

Year 9 Exams

Monday 18th June - Friday 22nd June

Jun 25

Year 12 Exams

Monday 25th June - Friday 29th June

Jun 25

Art Exhibition


Jul 3

KS3 Music Performance Evening

Jul 4

Parent Workshop

Jul 20

End of Summer Term

Jul 20

Lightwater Valley Whole School Trip

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