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We are here to help our students have a happy and fulfilling experience at school. We believe in supporting all members of our school community as and when they need it.

The first point of contact is the house team. Each house has a House Leader and an Assistant House Leader.

Aidan House

  • House Leader – Mr G Mather
  • Assistant House Leader – Mrs E Allan

Bede House

  • House Leader – Mr R Collinson
  • Assistant House Leader – Mrs S Campbell

Hild House

  • House Leader – Mr A Cameron
  • Assistant House Leader – TBC

Oswald House

  • House Leader – Mr R Brady
  • Assistant House Leader – Miss A Hattam

Sixth Form

  • Head of Sixth Form – Mrs P Perkins
  • Assistant to Head of Sixth Form – Mrs S Garay

Student support team

We believe in providing specialist help for all of our students who need it. Our student support team is very experienced in helping all students to achieve their potential and enjoy their time with us.

Head of Student Support team – Mr P Arrowsmith

The student support team provides a wide range of help including one-to-one support, in-class support and help with students who have a special need.

Newcastle SEND local offer

Click below for information about the Newcastle SEND local offer.

Newcastle SEND local offer

Using the School Planner

All students are issued with a school planner.

Your son should use his school planner to record homework and key events. If you feel that homework is not being recorded, please talk to your son and let the Year leader know.

Sometimes a teacher will want to write a note to you. You can then sign the comment to show that you have read it. If you have a question, it can be jotted in the planner.

The planner also contains information about term dates, target levels, uniform and equipment and homework timetables.

School Nurse

The School Nurse is available every Tuesday.

This is a confidential drop in service for students to discuss any issues they may have.