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Our Northern land of changing skies which blossomed in your care, is blessed in your memory and strengthened by your prayer. 

'For St Cuthbert'

How St Cuthbert inspires the school's Catholic Life

St Cuthbert lived a life of leadership as both a Prior and a Bishop. He taught us that leadership involves showing care and commitment to those who you meet and service of others. We offer countless leadership opportunities for our students.

He was also an environmentalist and is widely regarded as the world's first conservationist when he passed laws to protect the Eider ducks (or Cuddy ducks) on the Farne Islands. Our school's Green Team keep alive these principles in their care of nature and the poor.

We celebrate St. Cuthbert's feast day on the 20th of March with Mass and liturgies.

St Cuthbert's life

Follow the link below to find out more about the life of St Cuthbert.