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As both a National Support School and National Teaching School St Cuthbert’s works in close partnership with the Department for Education. This collaboration helps us to ensure educational excellence both within our school as well as supporting the development of it in the schools that we work with.

We are at the forefront of the research and development of teaching and learning on both a national and international scale. Our most recent work with Maths Hub through Shanghai Maths, Swire Chinese Language Foundation and Reece Foundation mean that our students and strategic partners have access to the most innovative and pertinent education and business practice that is available.

The partnerships that we have forged and continue to grow mean that we are able to offer your son the best of the outstanding practice that we nurture. The Curriculum Network Hubs that we have created ensure that he has access to the most relevant opportunities in enrichment and curriculum development. We are invested in ensuring that our staff are fully prepared to both support and challenge your son's learning in the ever-changing educational landscape that he faces.