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Developing the leaders of tomorrow is one of our core aims.

Students are encouraged to grow into leaders by being given opportunities to practise and develop leadership behaviours. We actively encourage student participation in enrichment - learning outside of the classroom gives an additional way to express themselves, make new friends, go beyond their comfort zone, gives space to try and fail and learn something new about themselves. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Many of our students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which provides numerous leadership opportunities through both the volunteering and expedition stages. Equally, students enjoy the challenges of the John Paul II award and the National Citizenship Service programme, both of which have significant community work elements. 

Leadership in the curriculum

Leadership is also available within the curriculum. Our students are encouraged to become Sports Leaders, STEM leaders and SVP leaders, organising and running events in the region for students from other school. 

Team work opportunities abound, through a raft of collaborative (and sometimes competitive) schemes such as Engineering Challenges through our work with the Reece Foundation and Science enrichment.